Reasons Why Mustard Yellow is the Perfect Fall Color For Your Table

Mustard yellow fall table

Shades of yellow have been a trending color pop for some time now, particularly our favorite- mustard yellow, to be even more specific Pantones Spicy Mustard 14-0952 TCX.  The code may not mean much to you, but we’ve been thinking for a while of expanding more into this color with our product line.  For the meantime, we hope you enjoy how we styled our Mustard Yellow Speckled Vase for this autumn season.

This is easily one of my favorite fall tablescape setups I have done so far.  My friend offered me her dining room and kitchen for this photoshoot and I couldn’t resist.  She had given me an updated home tour after her family had done some amazing open concept kitchen renovations in their beautiful pacific northwest mid century modern home.  Needless to say their modern renovations with gorgeous green accented kitchen cabinetry has my stowing away future home renovation and kitchen design ideas for later.  Don’t mind if I steal those green cabinets.  

Yellow is an underrated fall color when it comes to home decor this time of year.  We often think of trendy burnt oranges and shades of neutral white and beige. Don’t get us wrong, we love these colors too. If you’ve ever explored the Rocky Mountains or the Cascades in the fall- the bright yellows of aspens or birch trees in contrast with the evergreens is a heaven-sent view.  So along with all the pumpkin spice- nature inspired fall decor is something that should be equally coordinated when it comes to fall decor.

Yellow is also a great transition color for many decor styles.  It is a popular and trending color pop for a reason.  Maybe you won’t paint your walls yellow (although we’ve seen some strikingly vibrant inspiration as of late- thank you Apartment Therapy) but adding a pop of color here and there is a great way to brighten and warm up a space and add personality.  Especially being here in the PNW- we find our homes here NEED that brightness once fall brings the clouds in.  

I haven’t convinced you yet of why your fall decor needs yellow.  Check out more of our ideas below. 

Since my friend has these lovely green cabinets and some rustic modern natural elements, I felt incorporating some greenery was appropriate.  I actually went out to the curb and cut some tree branches (that needed trimming anyway) that had hints of changing colors to a light gold shade of yellow.  When you are creating a DIY tablescape hot tip- check your natural surroundings.

Next I found some classic mini pumpkins.  I found some orange and white ones from Target and my local grocery store to have some variance.

A while ago we used to sell these brass votives- so I incorporated those to add a gold brass touch that I felt kept in theme.  

My light yellow boho table runner was from Home Goods, mustard yellow table napkins were from Cost Plus World Market, and wooden table rings were something I thrifted.

Dark yellow dinner napkins

Last but not least I used two of our products for (you guessed it) our feature Modern Mustard Yellow Vase which I added some yellow sprays for dimension.  Our second product is our faux Tillandsia in a boho textured pot.  I really wanted to add these faux succulents for texture and interest- since we don’t often think of air plants as a fall decoration.

A lot of the main idea behind this table-scape was to have pieces that can be used any time of year and that can easily be transitioned from summer decor to fall decor and then to winter and spring.  As you can imagine- take out the pumpkins, replace the leaf sprays, and you can swap for evergreens (winter scheme), blossoms (spring), or as is (summer/ year round decor).

If you love this idea, share with your friends and feel free to comment to let us know what you think! 


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