4 Fall Home Decor Trends To Watch Out For 2022

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking for fall decor inspiration.  I don’t blame you. I started to work on what I’m putting in my own home (and our HQ office here in Seattle) since early July this year.  Something about Fall you just want to infuse into your home, beyond the pumpkin spice and nutmeg scented candle smells. 

From our search and based on current trends of decor you may already have in your home.  Here are some easy ways to get all those fall vibes in without having to spend hundreds on new decor to store away after a couple months.  4 GORGEOUS trending autumn vibes that you should seriously consider incorporating.  We’ll also hook you up with some of our favorite products to help you accomplish this. One day we’ll carry more seasonal items in our shop- but some of these trends could be adapted to our current selection.

Amber and Naturals

You neutral color palette loving folks, this scheme is for YOU.  We are thinking of pampas grass, dried preserved wheat stalks paired with vintage or modern amber glass votives and vases depending if you lean towards modern house, cottage core, or sleek and minimal.  

This cozy and warm fall feel goes great if your home has a lot of whites, black and white, neutrals involving creams and ivories.  On the flip side if you have some moody decor and dark colored walls- this trend is a great way to lighten up a space without detracting from a mood. Just be prepared that in darker spaces- the amber and natural tones will stand out more. Which for a lot of us is the intention right? No point in decorating for fall if it’s too subtle.

Some products that we recommend: 

Pampas Wreath from CB2

Rattan and Glass Pumpkins from Pottery Barn 

Amber Glass Vase from Crate and Barrel

Cozy Cabins

Who doesn’t want to be in a cozy mountain cabin cuddled up in a warm blanket, fire blazing, cup of cocoa, and looking out at the bright fall leaves outside. 

This trend is all about capturing the ideal fantasy of fall. We are thinking plaids, soft textures, deep and rich color tones, natural woods, and all the right modern rustics. 

This fall theme works great for those that have a mountain modern, modern farmhouse, or vintage-inspired decor in their homes. If you have a cabin, that probably works too (wink). 

Products to help complete this look that we found:

Plaid Fringe Throw Blanket from Jane and Mercer 

Feather Napkin Ring from William Sonoma

Wooden Acorn from Joann Fabric

Owl Garland by The Schmidt Studio 

Amethyst and Olives

When you look at amethyst you have several different tones of purple to choose from.  Call it plum, wine, jewel tone and then to lavender, lilac or muted pastel purples.  Purples make for a great fall decor choice because it is a warm and cozy color that is not often thought of.  Aiming for muted shades of purple is super on trend right now and pairs well with neutral creams, whites, greys, greens, and sages.  

Speaking of sages, olive tones fit right in there for a calm and cozy autumn feel.  You can do a dark olive (those cooler army green tones) or lighter green herby natural shades.

This color palette trend for fall decor is definitely unique.  Especially if you aren’t feeling classic orange pumpkins.  If you have a moody vibe going on or super into Halloween decor- this color scheme makes an easy transition.

To complete the look, here are some product recommendations to go for:

Olive Branch Wreath from Wholesale Magnolia 

Light Purple Chenile Throw Pillow Cover from Birch Lane 

Green Berry and Olive Leaf Garland by Darby Creek Trading 


Luxurious and Dark 

We are really excited about this one.  Moody vibes are definitely trending.  A few of us have a room painted in dark tones like navy, dark emerald, or charcoal- or at least an accent wall.  On another note, there’s a few in growing numbers that love those halloween vampy feels come October.  Doing a moody take on fall decor is a great way to marry our spooky fall decor and our more traditional fall choices.  It’s also a more unique and drama filled way to really say we are into fall. 

Some decor types that we thought of to make this scheme modern and even a luxurious feel are: Black glassware, dark wood tones, fall colored florals mixed with rich year round greenery like plum garden roses and burgundy eucalyptus, skull decor, moss, metallics, dark color gourds, and candlesticks galore!

Some of our favorite product picks for moody decor:

Mercury Glass Candlestick Holders from Candles4Less 

Felt Acorn Ornaments by Viada Petreikis

Dried Purple Oak fro Dried Flower Store on Etsy 

Black Wax Candlesticks from CB2


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