New Products Launching at Dallas Market Center

Hi everyone!

I know the blog has been a little quite for a while and that we haven't had too many special announcements, inspiration ideas, and generally hearing much from us.  

We are excited to fill you in that we've been working on a new branch of our business through wholesale and business customers.  

After a few months of some hard work, we will be showcasing our new product lines and exhibiting at Dallas Market Center Total Home and Gift Show.  Our booth will be located in the fairly new section called "High Style".  Market dates are January 4-6th 9am to 6pm and the 7th from 9am to 4pm.  If you're in town come regisiter (if you haven't already) and drop by!  We have more color, boldness, and some beautiful stoneware designs that we've been designing and are estatic to finally show.  

If you're not a business buyer or in Dallas and have been a loyal customer to us thus far on our Marmeda journey, what does this mean for you?

This means that new products online will be coming this year!  Stay tuned and I will keep you all posted when those are coming along.  In the meantime I'll try to sneak in a "sneak peak" of our new incoming decor.  


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