Product Feature: Mustard Yellow Stoneware Vase

When we design and curate our products we like to focus on bold color palettes that can be applicable year around. One of our favorite color choices this year is “mustard yellow”.  We loved the inspiration behind Pantone’s Illuminating for 2021 – but having a more earthy base of this sunshine color was more our style. 

Our mustard yellow vase has a raw natural texture. Often when we think of quality stoneware we see a high reactive artisan glaze, which is beautiful, but we like the idea of our stoneware to FEEL like stone. Obviously we don’t see a lot of yellow colored stones out in nature, but the terrazzo like speckles and the hefty sturdiness of the vase strike a good balance between earthy and natural vs. mid century modern and contemporary. 

The vase works as stand alone accent décor, a functional bud vase for single stem, faux greenery, minimalist floral arrangements, or dried naturals. 

Yellow is a trending color and for good reason.  It’s versatile for multiple types of interior design styles. Even those styles that trend towards neutral color tones.  Better Homes and Gardens and Architectural Digest are predicting shades of yellow to continue to trend on in 2022 and we are here for it.  Jump on the bandwagon of bold yellows aesthetics with us and add that warmth and energy to your space.

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