Let's Put Together A Valentines Gift

Whether you are planning on celebrating this Valentines Day with friends, a significant other, family, or on your own at some point you have likely thought of needing a gift (even if it's a gift for yourself).

We took the liberty and came up with some ideas that you can pull together. Some of these gift ideas can be used as individual items on their own, but we wanted to go all out for any special "galentine", friend, partner, or family member that you may want spoil this year.  

Here is what we used:

- A decorative succulent: This adds a little early spring to look forward to during this chilly month of February.  You can always use a real succulent, but if you are looking for an easy- no fuss options, we recommend our Faux Sedum Trio in White. It's delicate, cute, gender-neutral, and would fit in many different spaces and aesthetics. 

- Chocolate: Unless your recipient is one of the rare few that don't like chocolate, then this is an absolute MUST.  Chocolate is always a Valentines Day winner. We chose These praline hearts Belgian hearts from Trader Joes.  

- Vase: Now, you're probably thinking, why not classic roses or flowers?  Flowers are always a good option and definitely a classic.  However, flowers die and require maintainance to keep them happy for as long as possible. There is also the chance that they could get flowers from someone else (more likely- if you're not their significant other).  A vase is not only practical and reminiscent of flowers, but its bold, decorative, and more thoughtful gift idea.  We recommend any of our Happy Collection- but in particular our Duo Teal Round Vase or Duo Black and White Round Vase

- Bubbly: We happen to be a "dry household" so we chose to go with a sparkling Martinellis Blush. Wine, bottled craft drinks, ciders, diet coke, or whatever your gift receiver would love is your best bet. 

- Wood block sign: This was an aesthetic choice primarily. You can always choose a card as an alternative, but I prefer to use something a little more decorative like a keepsake versus a card that will get thrown away. I happened to get this little wood block at Hobby Lobby Craft store.  Painting a DIY wood block would be an excellent idea and more sentimental as well. 

- Container and packaging materials:  We found some valentine themed tissue paper, pastel green crinkle paper, and a thrifted natural weave basket.  

With all our items collected, it was time to make your gift look cute. We lined the basket with tissue paper and a little crinkle paper on the bottom (for cushioning fragile items.  Added the larger items like our stoneware teal vase first.  If you chose our happy vase, they come in packaging that is luxury and gift ready.  We went one step ahead and tied a satin ribbon around it, instead of unboxing the vase.  This adds an extra element of gifting. Like a part two surprise to a simple easy diy gift basket. 

Once you add your large items in, we added another layer of crinkle paper, and set in the other items into the basket making them still visible.  Again to finish it off we added more crinkle paper- but not too much where pulling the items out would make a huge mess.  

If you plan on giving this Valentine gift in person or leaving it as a surprise indoors somewhere- you are good to go.  If you are leaving it at a doorstep or for someone else to deliver, we recommend cellophane wrap or a decorative gift bag.  Mailing this is a little tricky- we would suggest maybe skipping the basket for this option.  However, adding more tissue and crinkle paper in the shipping box with the gift items will help keep its presentation all while providing sufficient padding for protection.  DEFINITELY keep the vase in it's original packaging and maybe wrap the bubbly a little extra too.  

If this is more of an elaborate gift than you would prefer to put together- or if shipping is a concern and you have to go with just one item, we recommend doing the succulent or vase.  They are packaged in gift worthy luxury packaging and would still be appreciated without the thrills. Check out some further options here and know that we ship out next business day and sometimes can even ship same day.  We also have expedited options that are cheaper than market rate for 2-day shipping. (Yes, even if you have Amazon Prime-- it's not always guarenteed 2-day and your gift may end up coming in plain box or plastic along).  

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