Modern and Sleek Luxury Tablescape on a Budget

I decided to try something out of my usual comfort zone and try a monochromatic black and white modern themed tablescape for one of my business partner’s dining room table.  She has a distinct gender neutral and minimalist modern style.  Luckily we have products that fit the bill. I kept it simple for an easy diy Christmas or New Years holiday set up that can be kept on the formal dining room table throughout the season. In fact you could probably keep this up through January.  

I know what you're thinking, luxury on a budget? Well, not everything featured here is considered budget- but the overall feel and how we accomplished it really can be done in a budget friendly way. I'll describe with more details below. 

To make this elegant or luxury tablescape more holiday oriented, try throwing in some faux black, white, or metallic ornaments.  If you’re like us where we normally crave color, throw in some classic berries, dried orange garlands, or colorful lights and ornaments.  This simple, easy, and minimalist tablescape design can be lovely as shown or dressed up for more whimsical or elegance.  Seriously, the possibilities are pretty endless.  Now, imagine if you have multiple guests or different party occasions you are hosting-  THIS set up is your goldmine for versatile winter table decor.  

Black and White Duo Stoneware

Any black and white two toned vase will do, but we obviously recommend our Black and White Duo round vase.  They are versatile and neutral friendly pieces that can be used year around. They are also only a little less than six inches tall so you can easily see above them from guests sitting across the table from you.  

Regarding all the other decor pieces featured:  

Table and chairs are from CB2, candlesticks were from Amazon, tealights were something we sold and sold out of circa 2019 (sorry about that tease), and finally the garland are just eucalyptus, noble fir, and cedar sprays.  Eucalyptus you can get for cheap somewhere like Trader Joes, or use artificial ones bought from craft stores, or Amazon.  The noble fir sprays I collected from my Christmas tree and the cedar sprays I got from my front yard (they are kind of all over the Pacific Northwest).  These sprays won’t dry out super quick and you can prolong their life by a little misting.  Let’s not forget though that we accomplished this luxury worthy garland for budget decor pricing. Score!  


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