Orange Products Finds for this Summer

 Orange is one of those colors that can instantly warm up a space. It's true that it can be difficult to place this particular color pop- but we found some options that we think are worth being a little more bold for.  

We've collected some of our favorite summer product finds that you can add to your spaces for some midcentury warmth. 


Orange and White Two-Tone Stoneware Vase 

Found it--- well here. This one is from our Happy Collection and probably the boldest of all our pieces. 

What did you expect when you visited our own blog? That we wouldn't do a plug for one of our favorite products?  Anyways, we stand by this vase- which got a feature on HGTV Magazine btw.  A little bit about it- It's a rough raw texture, weighs almost 3lbs (not easily tipped over and solid) and a matte finish.  It works great as a stand alone piece but great for a tall budvase. 


Retro Orange Acrylic Tray Organizer by Estilo

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Orange retro acrylic tray 

This tray was a really fun find for a modern space.  We can imagine this as a catch all tray in the entryway console or a makeup holder on your vanity.  The title says "retro" but you could mix this in to modern, contemporary, or whimsical spaces. 


Blood Orange 20" Table Lamp by Safavieh

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Blood Orange Table Lamp

We obviously love orange and white duo combinations- as you'll see with some of the other product recomendations.  Table lamps can be a little more of an investment- but worth it.  Adding more light to a space is always a great idea and what better way to add warmth than with this whimsical orange lamp. 


Summer Orange Retro Mod Squares Throw Pillow by L.C Cozy Home Decor

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Retro throw pillow

This pillow comes in three different sizes, lighter shade of orange, and a few other colors. We love throw pillows because they are affordable ways to switch out colors for the season.  


Mercury Mandarin Accent Chair 

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We're fans of accent chairs.  The owners (Ash here) have a bright blue one in our living room and wish our space was big enough to squeeze in this orange beauty.  We've purchased a sofa from Living Spaces before, they have a great selection and with about three years in and its been put through the ringer with our dogs. So far it's still in impeccable condition, so we can certainly say that we would feel confident in recommending the quality of the furniture Living Spaces sells. 

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