Our Feature: New York Magazine

In 2019 we had one of our coolest features thanks to New York Magazine's The Cut. 

The Cut hosted their first "How I Get it Done Day" where we got to ship a few dozen of our Faux Sedum Trio in White Artisan Pot to NYC for gifts and a pop up shop.

The Strategist later featured us following the event on their "I Found it At the Strategist" where they gave further opportunity for those that couldn't make it to the event to still check out the productivity inspiring items they curated.  

 We were so excited to have one of the OG succulents that got us started featured in this event and their online recap. 

Watching The Cut's Instagram newsfeed and stories where our little succulent was making its presence known on a small side table between interviewers and Maya Rudolph, Aidy Bryant, and Padma Lakshmi was surreal. 

Big thank you to Amazon Handmade team that got us noticed.  Although we don't currently sell on Handmade, with the many other sellers on Amazon Handmade- we were so happy to be picked. 

We are very proud of our handmade faux succulents and agree that they are excellent productivity boosters for those that need a little nature inspiration (with no maintenance) to have in their workspace. 

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