3 Ideas to Incorporate Geometric Decor

Geometric décor is a staple that can go with many décor trends. Be it Modern, Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, Mid Century Modern, Bohemian, Global inspired, Scandinavian, the list goes on!  Geometric designs and the angles add visual interest to otherwise boring or simple decorative pieces or spaces.

One of our favorite ways we’ve incorporated geometric design is through our white ceramic faux potted plants. Our geometric faux succulents are a perfect small stylish piece for most spaces like:

Office Décor- Especially if you don’t work from home and your office is not entirely your own, it’s best to have versatile classic pieces that can fit about anywhere.  In or out of your home you want to have the ability for your space to be hassle free. Faux succulents are perfect for this since they require no maintenance but you still get the benefits of a mood boost and looking like a responsible person that can keep plants alive.

Dark lit rooms-  Real succulents need sunlight. Don’t buy into succulents “you can’t kill” – if you put them in a place with no sun (basements, bathrooms, etc), trust me, they will die. Save yourself the stress and go with a faux sedum succulent or faux aloe for your dark lit rooms. You main level guest half bath does NOT have to be unstylish and void of green. Our geometric collection with it’s white ceramic will also promote a little more of a brighter feel. 

Table Décor- This can be a hard space to decorate. Especially dining and coffee table that get a lot of usage. Placing small items like our faux plants in a small group of other accessories or on their own are a great way to add personality to a table top while still allowing functionality. You can make it even more functional by using decorative trays or chargers to place your succulents on.

These faux geometric succulents make great gifts and are an easy way to accessorize with a trend that's here to stay for a while. 

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