Green and Orange Color Aesthetic Floral Arrangement

Once upon a time Marmeda used to be named Marmalade Decor- and before that Marmalade Floral Accents.  Back then we primarily did decor with flowers.  Silk flowers mostly, but there's some young adults who got some ocassional dance flowers corsages or boutonnieres and some neighbors and friends that were gifted a custom arrangement with live floral.  

The name Marmalade will always be dear to us.  Since its almost the anniversary of the creation of Marmalade-  doing a flower arrangement seemed appropriate for the memorative ocassion. Also how appropriate to choose citrus colored daisies and bright green mums and greenery.  Very "marmalade-esque". 

For this floral arrangement I chose our two-tone grey and white stoneware vase from our Happy Collection. It's a neutral vase with subtle color with a bold smooth shape.  Since our tangerine orange and lime greens are already pretty bold and bright for a nature inspired color pallete-  adding a warm grey neutral seemed to make a good balance.  

I chose daisies, because they are one of my favorites (the other being dahlias) the rest of the green floral and greenery I chose based off of texture and what would help created a layered look, with thin stems, for a smaller budvase hole.    Its always a pretty smart idea to choose flowers that are in season.  Daisies are typically spring through summer- I happened to be able to early spring daisies at my local market.  

I'm of the belief that floral arrangements can belong anywhere.  Bedside table? You got it. Your guest half bath? Why not. Kitchen entertainment island? Obviously.  Coffee table in a formal living area? If you don't have crazy kids (or dogs like me) running around- you'd be ready for a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine photoshoot.  

 If you're trying to recreate something similar, I would advise picking only 1-3 colors for a modern, pro-floral arrangement, accent piece. Make sure to include dimensional elements or switch up the colors. Most importantly, go for color.  If orange citrus hues aren't your "jam", go for yellows, fuschisas, or pinks.  

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