How To Decorate A Table for St Patrick's Day

St Patricks Day Table Tray

I’ll be one of the first to admit I don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s day.  You find me at any local pubs or bars, I am unaware of any major parades here in Seattle, and I haven’t learned any good Irish recipes.  If I remember, I will wear green (this year I painted my nails a lovely mint green- see our Instagram reel) and I’m not opposed to decorating my house with green.  Okay… maybe it’s cheating a little bit considering most of the color green in my home is from plants. 

Shamrocks aren’t really my jam but they are obviously appropriate for St Patrick’s day, so I wanted to come up with a small nod- to St Patrick’s day without decking out my living room wood coffee table with leprechauns, gold coins, and too much glitter. 

Here’s what I used: 

Dark stained mango natural wood tray

Gold apparel beads from your local craft store

Small candle votives (I got these festive ones in green and yellow)

Faux Echeverria in Black Matte Vase

Faux Aloe in White Geometric Vase

Shamrocks pics 

What I love about this arrangement is that all you have to do is remove the shamrocks and maybe the gold beads and you still have a great spring table arrangement. I’m a fan of versatility when it comes to stylizing spaces.  I won’t typically invest in decorative accents or fun pieces that I can only use for a couple of weeks. So for something as seasonal as St Patrick’s day it's best to stick with decorating with color themes and save your space for pieces you can use year around. 

I would also recommend putting seasonal decorations on trays if you decide to decorate your coffee table or any table surfaces.  This way you can move the tray elsewhere when you want to put your feet up, to keep decorations out of reach from little kids, or any other time it might get in the way.

Tag us on Instagram if you have any other creative ways to decorate for St Patty's day.  Have a lucky day!

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