Tea Party for Easter and Table Decor Ideas with Teal and Pink

Hey, Ash here.  I've got a confession to make. I LOVE decorating a table. Absolutely love it.  Dain (my sweet spouse) and I have talked about our future dream home in Seattle (as if we can afford it) and among a good size list,  I want a dining room with plenty of windows for bright airy light, colorful cabinetry, maybe some mosaic tile work, and an open communal space. I’m pinning all my favorite table decor pieces and imagining dinner parties. Our current dining space does the job, but let’s be honest, I typically eat dinner on my couch. 

My friend Stephanie recently renovated her house and I got to follow along as her projects were underway.  Her updates were probably 50% of why I would actually be excited to check my Instagram feed, since she has a style I REALLY like.

Let me be clear, when I say REALLY like, I mean- I’m probably going to steal most of it. Her dining room in particular hits most of my check boxes:

Bright and airy with lots of windows? Check.

Use of bold colors and colored cabinetry. Check.

Mosaic or at least interesting tile work? Check. 

Also, I’m pretty sure she actually eats and does activities with her cute daughters there too so-

Proper open concept dining room usage? Check.

Anyways, you probably clicked to check out our dainty teal and pink tea party tablescape and all its spring feels. I’ll obsess over some of Steph’s beautiful house another time, we will for sure have some more pictures taken there.


Because Stephanie lives in an all girl household, I figured an easter themed tea party would make a perfect spring tablescape.  We pulled out some pink polka dotted tea cups and plates, I brought over my mint flatware, and of course some of our two toned teal and white vases.  I chose a couple of the shorter Duo Teal and White Round Vases and as the more grand centerpiece our tall and lean Duo Teal and White Tall Vase.

Teal, mint, pink, and blush were our color palette themes. I thought it made the perfect spring color palette. It worked great for an easter tablescape but all you have to do is take away the eggs and you could easily transform the easter decor to a general spring or year round pink and teal styled table set up. Pink and teal are easy colors to incorporate year around so the possibilities are nearly endless with a few small changes. 

Here’s a rundown of everything we used and some ideas of where you can find them:

Vases, as mentioned above, are from our Happy collection.  The taller vase is about 9 inches tall and can fit long and drapier plants like the featured blush amanthurus (anyone else find these flower branches SO romantic? Total wedding decor vibes).

The shorter round vases are more subtle so we made them cute end pieces and added some ivory ranunculus, sweet peas, and coral apricot pink roses.

If I can let you in on a little secret?  I used faux floral on this set up. Easy to pick whatever colors you want, and you don’t have to worry about wilting, adding water to the vases, etc.  I do however have a high quality standard when it comes to faux or silk florals.  Once upon a time we sold some so I have my suppliers. Send me a direct message if you are ever interested in where to get quality faux floral.

Napkin Linens- I got these at a local craft store in a light coral-y pink and minty blue (or turquoise blue).  I’ve been able to find simple quality affordable napkin linens at Joanns Fabric (during the spring), Cost Plus World Market, Ikea (is a hit and miss for me) and sometimes Crate and Barrel.

Wood garlands, wood slate, and natural woven placemats- You can find these at a ton of places, mine are probably from Amazon. The wood slabs can be found outside (if you have a recently cut down tree), craft stores, your local HomeGoods, farmers markets, etc.

Easter decor- I’ve been collecting little eggs and spring things here and there.  Some of the items like the moss eggs were small decorative objects we used to sell (but no longer have any stock). 

Easter decor- I’ve been collecting little eggs and spring things here and there.  Some of the items like the moss eggs were small decorative objects we used to sell (but no longer have any stock). 

Versatility in decor is one of my favorite topics, so I could go on forever.  If you have any additional ideas for future spring tablescapes, feel free to comment- I love hearing your thoughts and ideas for what works for you.  If you have one of our decor items you’ve used in your spring decor- send us a picture for us to share!  

With much love and spring-time vibes,


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