4 Ways to Mood Boost Your Urban Office

After over a year, some of us are finally going back into the office. Whether this a good or bad thing depending on your work from home situation, one thing we can agree on is that some of our workplaces can be a little more inviting in comparison to our homes.  Maybe we can’t work from our couch or bed and in our pajamas while in the office, but we can still make our workplaces more comfortable by décor.

There’s all kinds of cubicle or desk hacks that can beautify a space, we’ll touch on some fun styling tips for those later, in this post we are looking at our “team” or “community” spaces and how we can makes these mood boosting spaces. 

We explored a work loft office here in downtown Seattle to test out some of our products and theories.  The space was well designed, had great light, and some color incorporated in a bold way. This was already a win in our book. However, it was still a little stark and in need of some accessories.  In keeping with it’s minimalist and modern style, here are some tips we’ve found helpful to creating a mood boosting community office space:

#1 Colorful accent pieces. 

This is where we put in our pitch and jump in. We cannot emphasize how EASY this can be.  A quality colorful stoneware vase or decorative objects that can work as stand alone décor can be easily styled and placed in corner table nooks, shelves, or table spaces.  Our stoneware vases or heavier decorative accessories can be your best friends when it comes to high traffic areas.  They are not easily knocked over, look great on their own or with added greenery.

#2 Keep or incorporate modern furniture and aesthetic

Keep the cozy cottage core pieces, traditional style furniture, and farmhouse styles for your home or cabin getaways. Modern connotes innovative, universally gender neutral, and can be updated with changing color schemes. Save larger pieces like tables, sofas, and chairs in relatively neutral color schemes. Go bold with smaller furniture pieces like end tables and barstools.

#3 Bright Colored Artwork

Keeping walls bare is a surefire way to keep a space looking less interesting or even unfinished.  Find artwork that will work as not only accent or focal points, but that can help you create the color aesthetic you want in the room.

#4 Bright Wall Colors

When you’re coming up with ideas, are on the “go”, and needing motivation to complete tasks- use some color to help boost your energy. Painting bright colored walls is an affordable and bold way to accomplish this.  Save your light greys, shades of white, and beiges for the places you need more neutrality or calmness in. Go bold with orange, greens, or bright blues on accent walls (don’t go too crazy all over) where you want to incite more fun and creativity (and keep people awake during your Monday morning meetings am I right?). 

This is definitely geared towards more working professionals and employers, but you may find a lot of these tips transfer to your home office spaces or different areas of your home (home gyms, media rooms, family areas?).  If painting an entire wall seems too daunting for you, remember that a few select colorful décor pieces will serve you well. If prominently placed, these can be mood elevators in an otherwise stark neutral rooms.

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