Why Our Happy Collection is So Happy

We decided early on while designing and curating our products to be more than just accent pieces. We wanted them to have a story.  While we were designing and receiving our stoneware samples, one of our founders held up our black and white duo round vase and immediately said “this shape makes me feel happy."  We knew from then that anything we named our upcoming collection had to do with something “happy." Ultimately we decided to keep it simple and named it the 'Happy' collection with six beautiful natural textured feeling stoneware vases in bold and contrasting colors. 

We really believe that everything about this Happy collection connotes positive feelings. The smooth round shapes promote calming and the clean lines and two-tone contrasting colors encourage simplicity without feeling boring. 

Speaking of colors, we intentionally chose colors that have some sort of association with happiness! Yellow is the universal color for happiness but it also represents vibrancy, warmth, and sunshine. Reminds us of warm summer days, right?

Bright orange is also summer-y, but as one of our other team members mentioned, it’s the color of a Mexican sunset on the beach. Clearly she was reminiscing about Puerto Vallarta or Cancun right? What’s happier than a beach vacation? Just think of our Duo Orange Tall vase as a reminder for warmth, energy, and to get out on vacation soon. 

Teal, greens and shades of blue are associated with serenity, loyalty, and boldness - feelings that help us feel more secure and grounded in our happiness. These shades also connote water or coastal-inspired aesthetics and even earthy jewel-tone color palettes. Our two products, Duo Round Teal and White Vase, and Duo Tall Teal vase create a little more balance from the energizing Mustard Yellow Vase and Tall Duo Orange and White vase. 

The last two vases in our Happy Collection emphasize yin and yang and balance. Though some don't associate grey, white, or black with being “happy," balance and simplicity is often needed in order for us to feel more happiness in our day to day life. Being able to compare the good days from the bad helps us appreciate the happier moments we get in life and provide foundations for pops of color. Also, let’s be honest these contrasting neutral accents are classic without losing a taste of boldness!

In addition to color and contrasts, being grounded and close to nature helps us feel more happy. This stoneware collection has a raw natural finish. It skips the high-glazed ceramic process and maintains an earthy clay texture you can feel and see. Our Mustard Yellow Vase also goes a step further with a rough speckled texture that adds even greater interest to an already unique  decorative object.

If you’re still curious, visit our website and check out our social media pages. See what our customers say about how “happy” they’ve been with their luxury-quality stoneware!

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