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Mid-Century Modern Glam this Holiday Season

Posted on 26 November 2018

Although the colorful, bright colors like red, blue, yellow, and green are found in the holiday season, not everyone prefers those colors. Some prefer the glitter, the gold, the metallic, yet paired with clean lines and simple decor found in Scandinavian and Mid-Century design.  Marmalade Decor has the perfect combination of shimmer and streamlined decor for the holidays, but these items can last all year long.
The mixture of elements adds a textural element to your decor, with accents like glittering gold and smooth cement. Adding gold square vases creates a pretty and different way to display flowers or greenery, with white contrasting with the gold but still with the gold accents.

To add some warmth and color to your holidays, add tea lights to these  small or tall dual-colored candle holders to play up the eyes.

Gold-lined geometric bowls are a great fit for some ornaments, berries, or other decor that you want to display in a unique fashion. Pairing the glittery gold with tea lights creates a shimmery display from Marmalade Decor that glows this holiday season. 



Hexagon Gold and Concrete Candle Holders Set of 2

Circle Gold and Concrete Candle Holders Set of 2

Tall Gold and Concrete Candle Holder 2.75 x 5.75

Angled Concrete Etched Bowl in Gold

Gold and Cement Chevron Textured Bowl 

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