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Using Eucalyptus

Posted on 08 March 2017

When planning an event’s decor, the flowers usually take the spotlight, but flowers without foliage look sorta...naked. And sometimes, allowing the leaves and “filler” to be the focus can be gorgeous: a little geometric, while still maintaining a natural softness. Some great options are olive leaves, boxwood garlands, and scattered tree leaves (think maple, aspen, etc.).

One of my favorites is eucalyptus. This stuff is magic. It is both softly romantic and minimalistic chic. Eucalyptus comes in several beautifully unique shapes—each a different aesthetic—from flat, round, loose leaves to skinny, tight leaves. Its dusty hue can either let your showstopper florals shine or become a unique feature piece all on its own. Using eucalyptus accents and garlands at your wedding may be the greatest idea ever. Here’s how you can make it happen:

Eucalyptus is full and gorgeous

Whether you are using it as a filler for flowers or as the table runner on its own, it looks fantastic.  You really can’t go wrong just laying some stems and pieces around, or in a heap.

Cost effective

Because eucalyptus has volume, you wouldn’t need as much of it as compared to using a garland made with roses or other stems. Put it everywhere!

Softly fragrant

So maybe this really only goes for “real” eucalyptus, but it smells good.  Maybe you’ve heard of Eucalyptus oil from your Whole Foods or essential oil supplier? It can have a very nice soft and refreshing scent.  In some cases, it is said to also help keep bugs away.

Pairs well with almost any design, flower, or theme

Eucalyptus is basic but also beautiful, making it an easy companion for popular stems like roses, dahlias, peonies, water lilies, sunflowers, baby's breath… basically, everything.

Can be saved for later holiday or home decor

On a practical level, eucalyptus is great in both weddings and your home.  It easily transitions from your reception tables to your fireplace mantelpiece, the aisle to your entry door, or your guest book sign-in to your kitchen.

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