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8 Reasons to Use Silk Flowers For Your Wedding

Posted on 29 June 2017

Once upon a time, silk flowers were easy to spot—frayed, cheap-looking, and manufactured. But the wily woes of yesterday’s silk stems are no longer relevant.

In the past decade, silk flowers have transformed—bloomed, if you will—into realistic, live-looking blossoms. It’s often impossible to tell the difference between quality silk and real stems, leaving even a floral expert guessing which blooms are real and which are simply “real-touch” artificial flowers.

Silk stems also boast a pompous list of pros. We are here to enlighten you on the advantages of silk-grown over soil-grown florals.


1. Keep them forever



You can keep your dress, your decor, your rings, and photos and (obviously) your spouse, so why not keep your flowers?  What’s great about silk or artificial florals is that you—and your family and friends—can keep them forever. Yep, say goodbye to crazy preservation methods and brown, wrinkly blooms. Your bouquet will look as good as it did on your wedding day for, well, ever.


2. Decorate your home



One of the greatest perks of forever florals is that you can also use them as decor in your new home. After all, it’s a much better alternative than the re-gifted picture frames or gaudy mantle pieces for your non-existent apartment fireplace.


3. Any flowers, any time of year



Pinterest, photos, and inspiration boards are great until you realize your dream bouquet may never materialize. Season, availability of fresh flowers, and/or cost to ship them can often curb your wedding planning excitement.  But by choosing silk over real, you have virtually no limits. Peonies in February? Go for it. Tulips in September? You got it.


4. No what-ifs



Due to tiny preparation times to keep real flowers fresh, traditional floral work is tricky. And no matter how well your appointment with your florist goes, there will always be room for human error.

With silk floral, you know exactly what you’re getting and get exactly what you want. Choosing artificial bouquets and décor gives you freedom to not only help design your florals, but also to see them beforehand. If the entourage isn’t everything you’ve always dreamed of, you still have the freedom to request changes or make returns.


5. Weather resistant



Extreme heat and crazy cold don’t fancy flowers too much. Too hot? Your lovelies will be wilted, brown, or limp by the end of the day. Freezing cold or snowy weather summons the same sad stems. If you don’t want to worry about watering those suckers every few minutes, covering them up from the storm, or trying to rush through pictures before they die, artificial blooms are right up your alley. Silk flowers work for you—making your day easy, peasy, and lemon-squeezy.


6. Use them multiple times



Couples everywhere are ditching the idea that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding and are opting for a sentimental “first-look” photo shoot weeks or months in advance. Traditional brides often choose to do a bridal shoot before their big day.

The idea is wonderful, until it comes to the flower situation. Instead of breaking your budget for two bouquets (one for your shoot and one for your wedding day,) save yourself the time and hassle by opting for one silk bouquet. That way, you will have the exact same flowers for your photos and for your ceremony—leaving guests to wonder how such gorgeous portraits were taken and processed so quickly.


7. Easy delivery and transportation



Finding affordable florists in your area, making pick-up arrangements, and paying extra to get your favorite flowers shipped in is excessive, strenuous, and complicated. Choosing silk lets you have your flowers shipped anywhere, anytime. No more same-day scuffling to pick up the centerpieces, no more big bucks to get your dream flowers from Australia, and no more worrying about your bouquet getting damaged in transport. It’s like take out, but for flowers (and of course much fancier.)


8. Clean and free of allergens



Most flowers leave a lovely trail of petals and pollen, but your white wedding dress may not be very pleased. Your flowers will also most likely drip water, which could be problematic, especially if any of them are dyed. Silk flowers keep things clean and drip-free.

Real flowers can trigger allergic reactions, and though it may not apply directly to you or your spouse-to-be, there’s bound to be someone in your wedding party or on your guest list who doesn’t handle blooms so gracefully.  


Sources: Marmalade FloralRodane's Organic Life, Martha Stewart Weddings

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