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5 Home Decorations for Valentine's Day

Posted on 06 February 2017

5 Home Decor ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and flowers, so as a wife and florist I look forward to it all year long. Plus, I'm also a big celebrator: I love having an excuse to decorate my house for really any holiday. 

So how to decorate for Valentine's Day? In decorating my own home for this romantic holiday I’ve found it difficult to avoid falling into a glittery cliche of heart signs, wreaths, and paper hearts on strings.  Also - glitter gets everywhere, and I'm not a fan of that!

Here's an idea: Why not take a more organic and homey approach to Valentine's Day? Here are some unique ideas that will keep your decor fresh and classy while preparing you for the festivities (or night in - whichever way you roll).

Accent Pieces

Imagine waking up to your valentine and seeing one of these little guys on a breakfast in bed tray. Or add one to your end table in a corner that needs a little love.  These are also great for special occasions outside of Valentine's Day, including anniversaries, intimate dinners, and bedroom decor.

Red Valentine's day arrangement in mug next to wine glass

 White and mauve flower arrangement with crescent moon in ceramic

Felt Garlands

I am simply in love with these heart-themed felt garlands from The Garland Gal Shop! Garlands are very in fashion at the moment, and I have even made my own paper garlands to hang over my fireplace. There are so many placement options with this flexible decor piece: fireplace mantel, dessert table banner, windows, bookshelves, or as wall accents (to name a few). They add a lovely organic touch to any home.

 Heart=shaped felt garlands on string

Heart shaped felt garlands on string


Why not buy some pillows or slip covers to use as decor for the holidays?  With just a small change, you'll feel as though you’ve given your room a makeover for the holidays. And let’s be honest too, these pillows by ourTraditions have a darling organic feel. Not to mention versatile uses (decor, movie night, and nap-time).  If you are having a night in on Valentine's Day, these are your go-tos.  

Pillow with screen printed message of 'All you need is Love'

Pair of pillows reading "Love You More' and 'Love You Most'

Party Treats

Besides Christmas, about 50% of my holiday cheer arrives either the week before the actual holiday as I'm buying party supplies. If you’re having a Valentines celebration at your home (or assisting with someone else’s)  what better way to decorate than with the treats and party supplies you'll be using?.  I’m not just talking red plates and heart plastered cups - I’m thinking food and candy items, prizes, utensils and ware.  Check out these amazing ideas from fringe by SJ for Valentine's Day party ideas your guests will always remember.

Table with Valentine's shakes and a red mache heart reading 'XOXO' on wall behind

Valentine's themed shake straws

Classy Prints

Prints might be the most simple, convenient, yet charming ways to liven up a decorative space.  Whether they are small prints placed on tables, or a statement piece for your wall or bookshelf, prints are easy to interchange and can indicate a great sense of style without overdoing it on the Valentine Decor. Etsy shop instant creativity has some truly awesome and affordable prints available via instant download.  

Wood-framed print of a grid of coral hearts

Wood-framed print of 'XOXO' in pink and orange

Happy Valentine’s Day and here's to hoping we get to stuff our faces full of chocolate before getting back to our New Year Resolutions! ;)

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